"woman around the world

Women around the World

26th July to 13th August 2023

Collective Photography Exhibition
"Women around the World"

Grand Opening: the 28th of July from 6pm.

Venue: Galeria Arte Graça - Rua da Graça, 27-29, Lisbon

Upon the kind invitation of Ana Maria Duarte, a former student of the extinct Institute of Odivelas and also a former student of IPE, I decided to accept to participate in the Photography Exhibition “Women around the World”.

This is an initiative of M. Margarida Pereira-Müller and Elizabet Fernandes, two former IO students, which aims to divulge works that reflect women’s views of the world. 

The organisers also wanted to include as many amateur photographers as possible – students and former students of the three Military Teaching Establishments (EME: IO, CM and IPE), teachers and employees of the three EME, volunteers in the three Associations of former students, students, collaborators and friends – photography lovers, but not professionals.

Nine former students who attended the Odivelas Institute (IO) joined the initiative, including two former students from both the IO and the IPE, among whom I am one.

The artwork presented – in colour, black and white or sepia – was chosen by each of us and 10% of the revenue obtained from the sale of our work will be used to support the Association of Former Students of the Odivelas Institute.

I would like to thank the organisers for this initiative, for their availability and willingness to make it happen.

Following the motto of my school of choice “Querer é Poder”, I invite you all to visit the Arte Graça Gallery and enjoy the 36 works that are on display until 13 August.

Mine will be there and you can also enjoy them on my website after the opening of the exhibition “Women around the World”.

You will be able to see some of my unexhibited artworks and comment on them in my galleries.

Cristina Coelho

AA IO 191 de 1969
AA IPE 1977 1033

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